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2851 Camino del Rio South, #415

San Diego, CA 92108 USA​​


The Design Academy is an educational and research network that helps companies and organizations innovate and solve business challenges by applying the principles of design and interdisciplinary knowledge.


Through a human centered design approach, we teach design thinking and business tools to help individuals and multi-disciplined teams solve complex challenges and create meaningful user experiences. We bring new insights and transformative innovation by inspiring and connecting you to our global Power of Collective Thought™ network of thought leaders, creative thinkers and business professionals.


Our vision is expansive.

Our processes are proven.

Our results are impactful.





We arrange a variety of workshops to suit many different business needs.


Workshops are 1-2 days designed to unleash your creativity, improve your skills or learn something new for personal growth or to contribute in a new way to your organization’s success. 


Webinars are cost effective and easy to program into your schedule.  Join our Power of Collective Thought™ contributors in an engaging conversation on subjects that directly impact businesses today and in the future.


Click The Design Academy (left) to look at our current and future workshops and webinars.



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