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A collection of ideals from Chuck Pelly - also known as Pellyisms.

  • Retaining designers – Nurture their creativity.

  • Be greedy for knowledge.

  • Diversify projects and people.

  • Balance in life of the physical, mental, and spiritual brings a balance to perspective.

  • Make a physical environment that could be personalized and make the office a family affair (pets included).

  • Make the reward of accomplishment apparent and reachable.

  • Stir the ‘pot’ with visitors, images, ideas, film, to increase the vortex of creative energy and movement.

  • Keep a respect for mystery.

  • Pranks, Jokes and Gags: An environment for employees to joke and tease one another increases communication and teamwork.

  • Be honest with yourself and your people.  You can’t fake it: the process is very honest.

  • Recharge designers when spending a lot of time with engineers.

  • Be a facilitator, not a manager.

  • Move toward your true self belief: security is in your own being.

  • Communicate clearly the clarity of the project; your intention, your knowledge, your goals.

  • Lighten up; as Robert Eliot once said “Rule No. 1 is, don't sweat the small stuff. Rule No. 2 is it's all small stuff”.

  • Use the odds against you to your advantage, as David did to Goliath.

  • Encourage creativity by nurturing one’s strengths not their weaknesses

  • Accept failure as part of success.

  • Create an environment of security and acceptance.  

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